Primary School | Secondary School Scholarship


The school is affiliated to CBSE Board –New Delhi

Tiny Tots Primary School

  • Academics

Learning is a treasure that follows children everywhere. Every child has something special that can be built upon. Our balanced learning curriculum is a unique blend of ‘teacher directed’ and ‘child initiated’ strategies.

The academic year at Tiny Tots Primary School is divided into two categories Summative Assessments (S.A) and Formative Assessments (F.A). We have in total four F.A’s and two S.A’s in the whole academic year. F.A 1, F.A 2 and S.A 1 in the first semester and F.A 3, F.A 4 and S.A 2 in the second semester. Every Monday’s class tests are held to ensure academic stability of the child.

The curriculum has been streamlined to make it child centric with more stress on quality than on quantity. It gives importance to activity-based learning.

T.T. Senior Secondary School

  • CCE System (V to X): Continuous and comprehensive evaluation is an on going process of evaluating a child. It helps in improving students performance by identifying his/her learning difficulties at regular time intervals right from the beginning of the academic session employing suitable remedial measures for enhancing their learning process.
  • Holistic education demands developments of all aspects of individual’s personality including cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.
  • Project work: Project work is the unique way of learning. It helps the child to gain a deeper appreciation for the subject at hand, and develop an interest in diving into the subject and gaining enhanced knowledge of the subject.
  • CCE pattern help child to make informed choice of subjects in class XI based on his aptitude, according to interests, liking and academic performance.
  • Compulsory subject
    • The school offers compulsory subjects for class XI AND XII.
    • Commerce Stream:  Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, English
    • Science Stream:Optional subject Hindi P.Edu.&Informatics Practices Biology/Math’s, Physics, Chemistry, English
  • Educational trips

Educational trips help connect classroom learning to the real world experiences. The shared experience of a visit allows students to reflect together on a common experience and enhance learning beyond personal meanings. Educational trips gives our students an opportunity to make observations or have experiences not available to them in the classrooms, but directly related to crucial knowledge being gained in the classrooms.

  • Workshops

Professionals from all fields are invited to give talks and run workshop for staff and students. Teachers are multi tasking, innovative, creative knowledge providers.

Summer camps:  The school is planning to send senior students for summer jobs to various companies/organizations during the summer holidays in order to better prepare them for the real world.


  • Organize and supervises counselling for students to prepare them for life.
  • Empower the students to make informed choices for subjects and careers after identifying and recognizing their personal aptitudes, interest and ability
  • Counseling department organizes seminars, training modules,etc.



  • Helping students to identify their areas of interest and abilities
  • Guiding students about application process in India and abroad
  • Providing information about various institutions, careers and courses



  • Aptitude listening
  • Subject selection process
  • Career options in India and abroad
  • Applying to colleges
  • Right courses at the right time
  • Personalized counseling
  • Enhancement of communication skill
  • Handling interview
  • Fostering positive attitudes and values
  • Self directed learning


It is a vowed intention of the school to provide scholarship to best scholars and fee concession to economically weak background students. These scholarships are awarded annually.

Parents Voice

Parents voice is ensured through various forums such as parents Advisory Committe(PAC), Parents Meeting(PTM), as invited guest for various functions organized under school banner.