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Primary School Academic Planner


PLANNER 2018-19

APRIL 2018  



  • Bus facility will be provided to the parents on all PTMs from Civil Lines School. Bus will move from Civil Line School at 7:45am in Summer and 8:15am Sharp in Winter.
  • It is mandatory for the students to attend Republic Day Independence Day. Every Re-Opening and closing Day Before and After vacation. If the student is absent on any of the abovementioned Date. He/She would be fined Rs. 10/-
  • Every 15th & 16th of the month are monitors and student council meeting days respectively.
  • Do not give money to students to buy eatables from Vendors after school.
  • Be regular & punctual. Reach 10 minutes before time. Late comers will be sent back home.


  • There are  8  Test copies for I to V.
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