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PLANNER 2017-18

APRIL 2017  
MON 10th New Session Commence 7:30 am to 11:30b am.
TUE 11th Mohd. Hazrat Ali Birthday Holiday
WED 12th Spellathon 
THU 13th Talks on Golden Rules
FRI 14th Holiday for Good Friday
SAT 15th Full Day, Graduation Ceremony 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.
SUN 16th Sunday
MON 17th Nursery Class begins ( 9:00 am- 10:00am
TUE 18nd Self introduction activity
WED 19th  
TUE 20th Water Melon Day
FRI 21th Selection of Students council & Monitor
SAT 22th Induction of new parents
SUN 23rd  Sunday
TUE 25th  Activity Frame Making 
WED 26th Spellathon
THU 27th Orientation of Parents ( I to III)
SAT 29th Orientation of parents ( Nur-Ukg)
MON 31th Talk on Self Esteem
MAY 2017  
MON 1st Spellathon
TUE 2nd Best Out Of Waste activity
THU 4th  Special assembly by v-a
FRI 5th PAC member Selection
SAT 6th Mothers Day Celebration
MON 8th  UT 1 ( I to III Eng IV Maths, V Eng
TUE 9th  Kitchenette activity. ( Mocktail)
WED 10th Buddha Purnima Holiday
THU 11th Investiture Ceremony, Spellathon
FRI 12th Summer Cool Party
SAT 13th I/H Spell Bee Competion
SUN 14th  Sunday
MON 15th UT1 (2) I-III Maths, IV S.S.T, V Science
TUE 16th Holiday H.W (Discussion & Distribution)
THU 18th Meeting with PAC members 
FRI 19th  last working day for students 
SAT 20th  last working day for teachers 
MON 22nd  Summer camp begins 1st Slot ( 22nd may  to 2nd june) 
JUNE 2017  
FRI 2nd    Summer camp 1st slot ends.
MON 5th  2nd Slot Summer Camp Begins 
THU 15th 2nd Slot Summer Camp Ends
MON 19th  Teachers Joining
TUE 20th Teachers Orientation 
WED 21st  Schools reopens 
FRI 23rd  Last Friday Of Ramadan ( Holiday)
SAT 24th Seven Stone Competition 
MON 26th Id Ul Fitr (Holiday)  
TUE 27th  UT 1(4) I to III Hindi, IV Science , V Maths 
FRI 30th  Special Assembly By V-B ( Topic- Shelters)
JULY 2017  
SAT 1st  I/H Dance Comp. Board decoration 
MON 3rd  UT 1 ( V ) I To III Computer and GK , IV eng , V sst
TUE 4th  Origami Act.
WED 5th Spellathon
THU 6th Special Assembly iv a Topic Deasater Management 
MON 10th  UT 1 (6) , III sst, iv gk and computer, v hindi
TUE 11th  Slogan Writing on water 
THU 13th  Special Assembly iv a topic- save ganga 
SAT 15th  Jr. PTM scholar badge ceremony
MON 17th  UT 2 ( 1) CT 1 to 3 eng , 4 maths , 5 eng.
TUE 18th  Mango Day 
THU 20th  Special Assembly iv B Topic Water cycle 
SAT 22nd  A/H Fancy dress comp.
TUE 25th  Poster Making Topic Water 
THU 27th  Special Assembly III a topic street play on saving water 
SAT 29th  Inter School Spellbee
AUGUST 2017  
TUE 1st  Recitation eng. topic- health 
THU 3rd  Special assembly III-B rakshabandhan
FRI 4th Visit of class V 
SAT 5th  I/H History comes alive ( Quiz)
MON 7th  Rakshabandhan Holiday
THU 10th  Special assembly ii-A  ( Our Leaders) 
FRI 11th  Visit of class iv 
SAT 12th  Visit of class III
TUE 15th  I/H Reporting an event comp. Independence Day 
THU 17th  Special asswmbly iib balanced diet 
FRI 18th  Visit of class 1st , I/H Board decoration 
Sat 19th  I/H Kho kho Comp.
TUE 22nd  Science Day 
THU 24th  Special Assembly I-a 
FRI 25th  Visit of class II 
SAT 26th  Jr. PTM 
WED 30th  Visit of class NUR- UKG 
THU 31st  Special assembly by 1st b 
SAT2nd Bakrid Holiday
MON 4th Hindi Day
TUE 5th Teachers Day
FRI 8th Literacy Rally
MON 11th Halfyearly commences
SAT 16th Harlf yearly ends
MON 18th Annual day prectice 
WED 27th Report card PTM
SAT 30th Dashehra Holiday
OCTOBER 2017  
SUN 1st Moharram holiday
MON 2nd  gandhi jyanti holiday
SAT 14th I/H Cricket Match
MON 16th House celebration Diwali by Nehru house
THU 19th Diwali Holiday
SAT 28th Parikarma holiday
WED 1st Spellathon
SAT 4th Gurunanak jyanti holiday
THU 9th Talk by teachers 
MON 13th UT 3 (4) CT-I-III Hindi,IV Science, V Maths
SUN 19th Annual mela
THU 30th Annual Day
SAT 2nd Eid ul milad holiday
MON 4th UT 3 (6) III SST,IV GK& Comp, V Hindi
SAT 9th Jr. PTM 
THU 14th Special assembly by LKG-A
TUE 19th Christmas prop making
SAT6 23rd House celebration on Christmas celebration by Gandhi house
MON 25th Christmas holiday
Thu 28th  Special assmbly by Nur
FRI 29th  English day & New year party
SUN 31st  Winter break
JANUARY 2018  
MON15th School Reopens, UT 4 (4) I-III Hindi , IV Science, V Maths
SAT 20th I/H Maths Quiz
TUE 23rd  Maths day
FRI 26th Republic Day celebration
WED 31st Spellathon
SAT 3rd I/H Board decoration Carving the future
WED 7th Spellathon
TUE 13th Mahashivratri holiday
SAT 17th Jr. PTM Exam special 9:30 -11:30 am 
MON 19th   Spellathon



  • Bus facility will be provided to the parents on all PTMs from Civil Lines School. Bus will move from Civil Line School at 7:45am in Summer and 8:15am Sharp in Winter.
  • It is mandatory for the students to attend Republic Day Independence Day. Every Re-Opening and closing Day Before and After vacation. If the student is absent on any of the abovementioned Date. He/She would be fined Rs. 10/-
  • Every 15th & 16th of the month are monitors and student council meeting days respectively.
  • Do not give money to students to buy eatables from Vendors after school.
  • Be regular & punctual. Reach 10 minutes before time. Late comers will be sent back home.


  • There are  8  Test copies for I to V.
Visit of class V