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Community Service


It is a noble work which help our students to inculcate the quality to respect the working staff of our school it also make aware students about importance of helping staff in our lives and honoring them by gifting them small gifts as a token of respect TTSR SEC SCHOOL celebrates labor day to instill the qualities amongst its students respect and nurturance.


Keeping in sync with the philosophy of holistic education and global perceptive we understand the needs to balance academics and skill based learning. Hence provide a plethora of activities through clubs. Clubs choice is made on the choice of students. These sessions allow students to pursue their diverse results and horn their skills. 

At present TTSR SEC SCHOOL offers the following clubs;

  • Eco club
  • Cooking club
  • Art club
  • Music club
  • Dance club
  • Taekwondo
  • Torch Masters club
  • Mental Math club
  • Hindi and Sanskrit club.
  • English club